customer Responsibilities

custom Media/Play Room

Customer Responsibilites

The Louisiana New Home Warranty Act as outlined in (La. R.S. 9:3141 et.seq) provides the builders responsibility for a New Home Warranty. All builders must conform to the requirements under this statute. The customer has a responsibility to properly care and maintain the home during the warranty period to prevent any deterioration or damage to the building and/or its contents.


One of the most popular new additions to new construction is a Media Room or Playroom on the second story level. The Media Room can provide an easy get-a-way for friends and family to enjoy a movie or sports event without being disruptive to other activities going on in the rest of the home. The playroom provides a safe place for your children to enjoy games or movies and be somewhat isolated from other activities in the home.

customizing your home

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    Construction Begins Here

    New construction begins with various degrees of lot preparation. In some cases, it requires removal of existing structures, trees, and even site plot elevation. This is why it is very important to engage your builder early in the Custom Home building process.

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    Finished Product

    With the proper site selection, plan design, interior design, and builder consultations your dream home would look something like this.