Inspection service

Martin Construction Inc. prides itself with having the unique ability of having two State Licensed Parties. Our Job sites are visited on a daily basis to ensure full compliance with the high standards we set. We have an excellent group of sub-contractors who have been with us for 10 years or more that are well versed on our standards and pride themselves of performing high quality work.




Budget & Site Evaluation

The second phase of any building process is site selection. You must know the site with all side and set back measurements before you can ever start the plan design phase. The owner needs to know front elevations, Home owner associations restrictions and requirements as well as annual dues requirements. We will talk more about budget under the mortgage process. 




Initial Consultation

Martin Construction Inc. highly recommends that you get engaged with your builder as earlier in the design construction process as Possible. We recommend you get the builder involved in the plan design stage so he can help you maximize your dollar and help develop a detailed set of plans, which is the back bone for any construction process. A detailed set of plans takes all the "Guess Work" out of the process and the customer will know what to expect.




mortgage Process

The first phase of any building process is to be approved by a financial institute of your choosing for the dollar amount you qualify for in order to build your home. There are many financial institutions, but the primary thing to look for is a local company that has the cheapest rate provided all closing costs and fees are equal. Some financial institutions offer one time closing with a guaranteed lock in rate not to exceed a certain rate. Some homeowners like this method because they save some on closing costs. You should consult with your builder for some direction in this process.




Custom Home Building

Martin Construction Inc. has been in the residential construction business since 2001, and has built homes within the price range from 250,000-1.2 million. The majority of our custom homes in the last 3 years have been 450K-750K. Designs range from elaborate 2-story front elevations, complete with walk in showers, master dream closets with elaborate shelf and cabinet design. Today's market is looking for a well-designed and laid out out-door kitchen for good southern cookouts, which are designed around swimming pools or a well landscaped back yard. Each design is unique to a specific home and the homeowner's likes. We work very closely with the homeowner from start to finish.




Plan Design Consultations

Martin Construction Inc. is contacted many times by customers who have no plans and are looking for assistance in developing their plans. We assist them in this process by referring them to an Architect or Plan Designer that fits their design ideas. We work very closely with the customer and the architect/designer in developing plans maximizing the square footage available, with high curb appeal and a design that flows for the customer.





Martin Construction Inc. is primarily a new custom or spec home builder. We have taken on several large scale remodeling jobs where a customer prefers to stay in their existing home rather than sell and buy a new home. The owners in Martin Construction Inc. are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) and can provide complete remodeling for the baby-boomers who want to stay in their homes.

We also cover large remodeling, storm related jobs, or customers who just want to remodel their homes to update to today's modern interior design.  We have worked closely with many insurance companies and are familiar with their estimating process and documentation required by each company.





Martin Construction Inc. offers a complete turn-key-job for custom homes. Sometimes this involves demolition of an existing structure on the property as well as removal of trees, shrubs, etc. We are fully licensed and insured and require our sub-contractors to be fully insured while working on our job sites. 




Interior Design Consultation

Martin Construction Inc. has worked with a number of interior design professionals who we refer customers to that need assistance with selecting interior and exterior colors, flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and complete window treatment selection and installation.